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As A Mom, I Really Hope My Child Never Gets A Participation Trophy 1
Pros & Cons Of Participation Trophies

Participation trophies can benefit or hinder the point of winning. Here's more on the topic.

Families create safe and stable environments by eating dinner together and creating memories 1
Looking At "Core Memories" In Children

Core memories may not be what we think. Here’s what science has to say about core memories in children.

Expert Offers Tips On How To Make Sure Children Are Resilient After Falls 1
10 Valid Reasons Your Child Should Cry When They Get Hurt

While mom may try to “play it tough” for them, we have 10 reasons why children should cry when they get hurt. 

14 Things Toddlers Say That Are So Pointless (But Not Really)

We've all heard these phrases or at least most of them. Toddlers say the silliest things, but they may have more meaning behind them.

Kids Who Need The Most Love Ask In Unloving Ways, But Why?

Some act out in very unloving ways in order to 'earn' that love, attention, and praise. It seems unrealistic, but it's far from it.

batman 1
"The Batman Effect" Helps Kids Tackle Hard Tasks

The Batman Effect refers to the finding that children perform better on a challenging task if they pretend to be someone else, such as Batman

Mom pointing at daughter 1
How To Call Out Your Tween When They Disrespect You

How to effectively and empathetically address tweens when they're being disrespectful.

Child's Imaginary Friend 1
Everything You Need To Know About Your Child's Imaginary Friend

If a child suddenly starts talking to someone who isn't there, parents might be a little thrown off.

creative play 1
Less Toys, More Imagination: Kids Are Naturally Creative

Toys are fun, and they do serve a purpose; but equally important is being intentional about the number of toys our children have.

How To Create A Semi-Peaceful Home When Siblings Are Constantly Fighting

As siblings grow, they tend to compete for everything. It might be as simple as a toy to something more complex, like attention.

eye level communication 1
What Actually Happens When Mom Doesn't Yell At Her Kids?

Yelling in general, no matter what the context, is an expression of anger. It scares children and makes them feel insecure

Girl in tutu jumping 1
Help Daughters Find Their Voices In A World Telling Them To Be Quiet

A how-to guide on supporting your daughter as she finds her voice.

Mom playing dinosaurs with daughter 1
What To Do With Your 3-Year-Old All Day Long

A 3-year-old's day calls for plenty of time to play, practice new skills, and connect with their family.

Mom doing puzzle with preschool child 1
12 Easy Activities To Nourish Your Preschooler’s Cognitive Development

These easy activities will foster your preschool child's cognitive development through play and interactions.

 Stop Gaming & Get Outside  1
How To Encourage A Tween Boy To Stop Gaming & Get Outside

Removing children from gaming altogether is not the goal here. Finding a balance between time spent on their devices and time spent away from them

High School boys 1
10 After-School Clubs For High School Boys Who Are Intellectuals

Extracurricular activities after school can also teach life skills that aren't always taught at home or in school.

introvert 1
How To Bond With An Introverted Child When You’re An Extroverted Mom

Having a child who is quiet and reserved, more hesitant than other children, does not need to see a doctor. It just means they are introverted.

toddler girl playing with toy 1
Why Attachment Toys Are Serious To Toddlers

Is your child overly attached to a toy or object? It's totally normal - here's why.

Mother and daughter on swings 1
Why Children Need Adult Interaction

When children spend time with adults they are learning language, communication, and social-emotional skills.

Screen-Time 1
How Kids Can Learn Social Skills From Screen Time

Specialists and researchers are now paying closer attention to the kinds of content kids are consuming on their devices.