When it comes to finding easy fancy dress ideas for little princesses, it is simple enough to do. The biggest problem parents are going to have is narrowing down just how they want their little ones to look with the massive number of options there are on the market. But just like with older girls and women, the time of day and event will help to determine just what needs to be worn. And with department stores, online retailers, and even options to rent children's clothes, including dresses all providing everything under the sun to suit any occasion, shopping is easy as can be. Be it toddler-sized, young girls, or juniors' sizes, once the price point is determined, shopping can commence.

Be it a winter or summer wedding, ballet, garden party, church, or formal dinner, there are going to be occasions when young girls are going to need formal dresses. But before parents think there is going to be sticker shock or that the dress is only going to be worn one time, many times this is not the case. With dresses being made in bulk and not necessarily needing to be sold in a brick-and-mortar the price may be much less than imagined.

And by dressing the frock down with tennis shoes or boots, the look can be completely transformed to extend the life of the dress. Making dressing up for a formal event fun. And leaving little girls feeling like real-life royalty in the process.

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Here are some easy fancy dress ideas for your little princess.

10 Perfect Princess

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If there is a particular princess that little girls want to emulate, that may just be an option when looking for a formal dress.

Designers have recognized that there is a market for DisneyBounding. According to Undercover Tourist, this is wearing regular clothes to look like a favorite Disney character without wearing a costume to dress up to embody the character's behavior.

But when it comes to princesses, the look is still very formal. Parents can find dresses for their little ones that are inspired by a beloved princess, making little ones feel incredibly special when dressing up for a big day.

9 LBD With Cowboy Boots

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Regardless of the event, a little black dress will always fit the bill.

Black dresses can feel a bit mature for young girls to wear. As such, the look can be made slightly less formal by adding a great pair of cowboy boots in a bright color. This way, little girls do not feel bland and blah in their dark frocks. And can feel special with a great deal of attention being drawn to their amazing footwear and fashion sense instead.

8 Velvety Velvet

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With their soft texture and vibrant colors, velvet dresses make a perfect option for formal events that occur in the evening or during winter months.

According to Spandex Warehouse,velvet is the quintessential fabric for any formal gown. This is because of the "beautiful luster" that Spandex has, it makes everyone stand out who wears it. And what little princess would not love that?

7 Flowy & White

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For black-and-white events or white parties, white flowy dresses make for a good formal option for little girls.

With the lighter fabric and white color, this type of dress has an ethereal quality to it. Paired with a flower crown or even ringlets in the hair with jeweled bobby pins would make for an exceptionally perfect fancy and flowy dress for little ones.

6 Floral & Fun

pexels-daianne-gomes-1133721 (1)
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For church and outdoor parties, a floral dress makes for a great and comfortable option for young girls.

There are different types of formality when it comes to using florals. It all boils down to the fabric that is used that will determine whether the dress is for daily wear or something more elegant. By choosing something in a satin, little girls will be fancy enough for more formal engagements but not so fancy that the dress could not be worn for other occasions as well.

5 Garden Party Ready

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When garden parties call, so do little flowery dresses. But the difference between these and other floral dresses is the structure of the dress. Something that is done, according to Sew Guide, with the help of tulle or crinoline.

Every little girl will feel beautiful with her dress being given some oomph and volume. As such, finding a floral dress that has a layer or two of crinoline or tulle under it will not only be spectacular for a formal outdoor affair but will likely make for a dress girls will never want to take off as well.

4 Perfect In Polka Dots

little girl polka dot dress
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The wonderful thing about polka dots is that they can be dressed up or down as needed. Making the pattern the perfect option for a formal dress for little girls.

Choosing a more muted color with black polka dots ups the formality of a dress. Pairing it with short gloves, pulling the hair up, or even wearing Mary Janes will make the entire ensemble more elegant as well. It all depends on what the dress is for and parents can adjust accordingly to make it appropriate.

What this means is that with just a pair of tennis shoes, the dress easily becomes daily wear, and more bang for the buck is gotten out of the dress. Something that parents may find to be very appealing about choosing a polka dot dress for their daughters.

3 Lovely In Lace

little girl in lace dress
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There is something about lace that adds simple elegance to a dress. And with dresses of every shade of the rainbow being made of the fabric, there is bound to be a perfect choice for little princesses dressing up for a special day.

Be it long-sleeved or short, fluffy or more of a simple silhouette, lace works for girls regardless of their age. And because it translates well for all seasons of the year, there is the option of a lace dress being worn more than once before little ones outgrow it.

2 Terrific Tulle

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For little girls who want the "wow factor" tulle cannot be beat for a formal occasion.

The more layers of tulle a dress contains, the more princess-like little girls will feel. This is because there is a regality to the fabric. There is a reason that ball gowns contain so much of it. And that is why for weddings and other formal events, tulle should be the first choice when parents are looking for an easy formal dress for little ones.

1 Subtle Sparkles


Young girls have never met a dress with sparkles that they do not like. Therefore, fabrics that have sparkles interwoven or contain sequins are bound to be a hit for a formal dress.

If the sparkles are subtle, a formal dress can be worn at any time of the day. It is when the sparkles become more intense that the dress may need to be saved for evening or more formal events.

But, if little girls feel pretty with what they are wearing and a dress that is fancier is what is expected, let them wear it. They will be happy, which will make parents happy when attending an event with more elegance than the standard birthday party or get-together.

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