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How To Keep A Child's Wig On For Halloween

When wigs do not stay in place it can ruin the entire look of a Halloween costume and put a real damper on trick-or-treating for kids.

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10 Easy Fancy Dress Ideas For Your Little Princess

When trying to find a dress to impress little girls, it really is quite simple to do!

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How To Properly Pleat Your Daughter's School Skirt

Pleating skirts can be daunting if the technique to do so is not known. Fortunately, it is an easy task to learn how to do.

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How To Quickly Remove Stains From Kids' Uniforms So They Can Wear Them The Next Day

When school uniforms get stained, there are no alternatives for school. This means ways to fight stains need to be found fast.

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How To Find Clothes That Aren't Too Young Or Too Old For Your Tween Daughter

It can get tricky, because mom may notice that the clothes on the market are either for little girls or older teenagers.

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Disney Released Adaptive Costumes Just In Time For Halloween

Inspired by Disney and Pixar films, these costumes are not just for Halloween but can be used for play and cosplay too.

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10 Cute & Easy Halloween Costume Ideas For Twins

Easy and twins don't often get seen in the same sentence, but for the costumes listed below, that's exactly what it is.

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Michael Kors' First Children's Clothing Line Is Here

The designer is bringing luxury to the kids' clothing market.