Finding scrumptious desserts that will have kids grinning from ear to ear is not difficult to do. This is because everything from favorite candies, cakes, secret cookie recipes, and pies can tempt just about any child's palate. The biggest problem that parents will have when determining what to make to determine if the dessert should be a family favorite, something seasonal, or something completely new. All of which kids will be happy to eat with a smile on their faces and joy in their hearts.

For most families, dessert is not something that is had every night. It could be a particular day of the week or for special occasions. Whatever the reason for dessert to be part of the menu, parents can pretty much guarantee that their kids will be front and center when it is dolled out. With the true sign of it being a hit is parents being asked for seconds once the first serving has been demolished in no time flat.

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Here are some scrumptious desserts that will have kids grinning from ear to ear.

10 Pizookie

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Warm, gooey, over-sized chocolate chip cookies and cold ice cream to melt over the top. The pizookie. A dessert that may take a bit of time to bake to perfection. But when that cookie comes out of the oven and vanilla ice cream is scooped on top, every delicious bite is worth the time it took to get the recipe just right. And the smiles on kids' faces will be proof positive of it.

9 Brownie

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Is there any more perfect dessert than the brownie? They truly are hard to beat. And with several ways to jazz them up, according to Like Mother Like Daughter, including adding candy, chocolate chips, peanut butter, white chocolate, nut, frosting, or peppermint, kids will never tire of having brownies for dessert.

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Classic cheesecake is delicious. But for those who are looking to up their cheesecake game, offering Oreo cookie cheesecake to kids for dessert is a surefire way to do just that.

Be it because of the different textures in the cheesecake or the cream cheese and chocolate cookie flavor profiles working so harmoniously together, Oreo cookie cheesecake cannot be beaten. As will be seen when the cake is decimated after kids get their hands on it.

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Cookie dough is a favorite of adults and kids alike. But because it is not safe to eat given the raw eggs and the flour, it is not served as a dessert. That is unless it has been turned into edible cookie dough.

According to The Pioneer Woman, making edible cookie dough can be done in a snap. Parents just need to make sure to heat the flour being used in the recipe in the microwave to 165 F. This will ensure any bacteria are killed. And by not including any eggs, any other potential dangers of food poisoning are removed.

Instead, what is left is all the goodness of edible cookie dough that kids will be thrilled to eat for dessert and will be sure to come to look to see what is left in the mixing bowl when their portion has been devoured.

6 Banana Pudding

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Many parents may have grown up with banana pudding with Nilla wafers. And while there is nothing wrong with this dessert, there are ways to jazz it up and make it even better by switching out the wafers for something different. Cookies that take the pudding to a whole new level.

According to The Tasty Tip, cookies that can be used in banana pudding include:

  • Butter cookies
  • Shortbread cookies
  • Cinnamon spiced cookies
  • Graham crackers

While vanilla wafers are classic, there are ways to change up the traditional recipe for banana pudding. And kids will have fun helping to determine which cookie is the best for their pudding dessert.

5 Dirt Cake

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Dirt cake may not be appealing to adults but to kids, it is the perfect dessert. This is because not only are there pudding and cookie crumbles, but there are also gummy candies. Essentially turning one dessert into three. It becomes clear very quickly why dirt cake is a dessert that brings big smiles to kids' faces.

4 Donut Ice Cream Sandwich

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Looking for an incredibly decadent dessert for kids? Give them donut ice cream sandwiches after their evening meal. A dessert that will instantly become a family favorite.

The great thing about this dessert is that all donuts can be used. And if the choice happens to come with cream or jelly, ice cream flavors can play off of the flavor profile. This makes for a delicious dessert for kids of all ages.

3 S'mores Dip

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S'mores are a great dessert to have by a campfire. But when in the comfort of home, parents do not always want to fire up their fire pit or venture outside into the cold to make the marshmallow dessert. Fortunately, there is a way to make s'mores indoors. And kids will have no complaints about it.

According to Five Heart Home, making s'mores dip could not be easier. All it takes is some chocolate and some marshmallows in an oven-safe dish. Those ingredients go into the oven and within minutes the "dip" is made.

Scoop out the chocolate and marshmallows with some graham crackers and a delightful dessert has been made.

2 Peanut Butter Cup Pie

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There may not be a better flavor combination than that of chocolate and peanut butter. As such, make kids a peanut butter cup pie for dessert and watch their eyes light up.

One of the best things about this dessert is that it is a no-bake. As such, all parents have to do is mix all the ingredients together, put them into a premade pie crust tin, and in just a few hours, peanut butter pie has been created.

1 Ice Cream Sundae Bar

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When all else fails, grab the ice cream, pull together several types of toppings, and present kids with an ice cream sundae bar. It is guaranteed to be a hit.

According to The BakerMama, different toppings to offer kids with their ice cream to make a sundae include:

  • Fudge sauce
  • Marshmallow fluff
  • Caramel sauce
  • Whipped cream
  • Chopped nuts
  • Sprinkles
  • Crumbled chocolate candies
  • Crushed cookies
  • Mini peanut butter cups
  • Mini chocolate chips

There are many items that can go on ice cream. And when kids get to make their own mountainous sundae for dessert, they are going to be thrilled.

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