It is that time of the year, and everyone is getting ready for everything spooky and creepy. The nights are getting longer, there is a chill in the air, and Halloween decorations are taking over every neighborhood.

While not every child enjoys being scared, there are some that enjoy the thrill that comes with being scared, and the adrenaline gives them a good feeling. This means they want to watch spooky movies, and they want to hear a good ghost story. The family can cuddle up in the dark with just a flashlight to guide their way, and share stories to make them tremble.

If parents are looking for some great ghost stories for children, they may want to check the internet first. However, this can be an overwhelming search, with so many options. That is why we have narrowed down the list, and picked the best ones. They range from terrifying to mild, and there is something for every child in this feature piece, perfect for Halloween.

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Only mom knows her child best, and she knows what they can handle when it comes to scary stories, so we have prepared a simple screening of each story so that mom knows exactly what she can expect from each tale.

The Ghost Of The Bloody Finger

This one is really great because it starts out creepy, builds up, only to end in a joke. According to Country Living, this story is about a bloody ghost finger that keeps inching its way closer to a man. The closer the finger gets, the scarier the voice gets, until the finger gets right up to the man, and then asks for a band-aid. The story will spook any child, and then send them into fits of laughter. They will love to share it with their friends after.

The Yellow Ribbon

This is a tale that has been passed down through generations, and it is likely you already know it. It tells the tale of a married couple, but the wife constantly wears a yellow scarf around her neck. There are various versions of the story, either her husband tries to take it off in the middle of the night, or she lets him, but they all end the same way. That is with her head falling off.

Ghost Ship Of Captain Sandovate

Pirate Bday
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According to KOA, this story is great for any pirate-loving kids, but it may be a bit on the spookier side, so it may be best for older children. It tells the tale of a pirate crew who commit mutiny. They end up killing their captain, by dehydrating him, and when they eventually get a new captain, a terrible storm comes, and sinks the ship. However, the ship is now a ghost ship, and they are endlessly searching for water. Payback for what they did to their first captain.

Fifty-Cent Piece

This story has a bit of mystery to it, but it is bound to intrigue any child. This story tells the tale of a man and a woman who were traveling home, and they realized that they had to stop for the night. They found a house in the woods, and the nice couple who lived there welcomed them. In the morning, the couple left a fifty-cent piece and went on their journey. When they go to the next town, they learned something spooky about their previous hosts.

The Clown Statue

Clowns are known for being fun, but they can also be incredibly creepy. According to Haunted Rooms, this tells the tale of a teenager who is babysitting for a family that has a lot of money. When in the house, the girl is told that once the children go to sleep, she needs to stay in the basement, and not go in any other room. She then has an encounter with a clown statue that is in the basement, but when she calls the dad to ask about the statue, he sounds as surprised as she is. This one is bound to send shivers down anyone’s spine.

The Hitchhiker That Never Was

A lot of spooky stories involve someone looking for a ride in the middle of the night, and this one is no different. This story tells the tale of a pretty girl in a white dress who flags down an old man for a ride. He gives her a ride to her grandmother’s house, where they all have a great time talking and sharing stories. The next day, the driver realizes that the girl left her sweater in the car. When he goes back to where he dropped her off, he learns a terrifying truth.

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