November is a great month for a birthday party. Halloween is over and the Christmas season has not yet officially started. Yes, Thanksgiving is looming, but fear not! Parents looking for a theme for their child's birthday in November; outside a Thanksgiving theme, are in luck!

Below there are some great ideas to celebrate the special day. Whether it's warm and cozy or outdoor winter fun that excites the kids, read on to find ways to make it memorable.

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10 Candy Birthday Party


National Day Calendar says National Candy Day is November 4th! Just in case kids need an excuse to eat even more sweets on their birthday. A candy-themed birthday party is also a great way to get rid of Halloween candy that might still be lying around. Add in some giant candy decorations and a candy buffet to get this sugar-high party off to a great start! Kids can burn off some energy on a candy scavenger hunt and/or swinging at a candy-filled piñata. Head over and find even more ideas on Kara's Party Ideas.

9 Pool Party

swimming friends

Looking to keep warm in November? Have a birthday sleepover at a hotel with a pool. Reserve a hotel suite or two for everyone to crash after a fun night of swimming. Order pizza and bring along the cake. It's a great way to celebrate.

8 Apple Orchard Party

little girl eating apple in orchard

Apple orchards are a classic fall destination, so why not host a fabulous birthday party at the orchard? Call the orchard ahead of time to get more details on the food and drinks they may offer there. A lot of orchards will make apple cider and apple cider doughnuts; those are always a big hit. Or ask if it's okay to have a picnic there. Depending on the weather will determine a lot too. Some orchards even offer party games. This could be one of the most memorable birthdays of all.

7 Cake Party

bday cake

National Cake Day is November 26th! Why celebrate with one flavor cake when there could be many? Layer cake, cake pops, sheet cake, and any and all cake will do. There could be a cake decorating station; everyone gets a mini-cake to decorate. Let them eat cake, and don't forget frosting and sprinkles too!

6 Board Game Party


Pass go and collect your $200 for this birthday party! Celebrate the birthday and National Monopoly Day (November 19) with a party all about board games. Guests could all bring their favorite game along, and everyone could play a round or two of each. Or head over to Makezine and see how to go about making a life-size board game.

5 Indoor Amusement Park Party

bounce house

There are tons of amusement centers to have an amazing party at! Most will do all the planning too, making it very easy to relax and enjoy the party.

  • Arcades: An arcade center like Chuck E. Cheese will make planning a birthday party a breeze. With different packages, kids can eat and play all while someone else does the clean-up.
  • Bowling : Most bowling centers offer various birthday party packages, including bowling, rental shoes, and sometimes food depending on the package.
  • Trampoline Park: Kids are sure to enjoy a private party room, jump time, and more at a trampoline park. Plus, it wears the kids out, and you don't have to worry about entertaining them.

4 Sesame Street Party

Sesame Street characters all eating a different food

Elmo, Big Bird, and Oscar the Grouch will all RSVP yes to this party. November 10th is Sesame Street Day, so why not celebrate it by using it as a theme? Costume contests, set up games, have a puppet show, and more! The Mom Creative has a lot of great ideas for this too.

3 Nacho Party


Nacho Day is November 6th. Who doesn't like nachos? Ok, who doesn't like tacos? "Nacho average party" is a great idea for a party theme. Having a build-your-own nacho/taco bar with decor to match is sure to be a memory maker.

2 Cozy Sleepover Party

sleepover fun

Kids love slumber parties! Invite all their friends to stay over and stay up late. What's great about having a birthday slumber party is that you don't have to do a lot of prep work. Kids love popcorn, pizza, cake, and movies. Get a few decorations, order some pizza, and check out the latest movie apps to see what's streaming.

1 Chocolate Party

A Cup Of Hot Chocolate

Chocolate Day is November 29th. Yes, November has a lot of great national days, and this one is no exception. There are a lot of delicious options for a chocolate-themed party. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Death by Chocolate, Chocolate Fondue Party, or even just having a hot chocolate bar. Kids are sure to love this one.

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