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Jessica is a writer based out of California. She is a mom to two fiercely independent, fun-loving girls and wife to a man who helps her find balance in life. Jessica is an avid runner, consumer of really great cups of coffee, and enjoys adventuring off the beaten path whenever possible. Family is number one to Jessica and is what makes living this crazy, hectic, beautiful life worthwhile.

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How To Know If Your Child’s Preschool Is Meeting Their Needs

Choosing a preschool can be stressful. But by doing due diligence and seeing that kids are comfortable means a good choice has been made.

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10 Sweet & Simple Mason Jar Snack Ideas For Kids

Mason jars make for an amazing space for pre-made snacks because everything from sweet to savory can be contained in one space.

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10 Scrumptious Desserts That Will Have Kids Grinning From Ear To Ear

Kids love desserts! As such, tempt their tastebuds from time to time with sweets they are sure to love.

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How To Keep A Child's Wig On For Halloween

When wigs do not stay in place it can ruin the entire look of a Halloween costume and put a real damper on trick-or-treating for kids.

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10 Easy Fancy Dress Ideas For Your Little Princess

When trying to find a dress to impress little girls, it really is quite simple to do!

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How To Help A Preschooler Deal With Stress

Everyone is prone to stress. Even preschoolers. But with the right tools, stressful situations can be dealt with, with ease.

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Half Of Parents Had A Sick Child This School Year Already

With the first normal school year back in swing since the pandemic, parents are finding their kids are getting sick in droves.

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Four-Year-Olds: Everything You Need To Know From Behavior To Developmental Needs

Four-year-olds have developed so much in just 1,461 days. Thinking about how much more they will accomplish as they age is mind-boggling.

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What To Do When You Find Yourself Saying, “But My First Child Didn’t Do That”

To compare is human nature. But comparisons made between siblings can be detrimental. Both to their mental health and relationship with one another.

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What To Do When Another Mom Thinks You’re Her Babysitter

If it feels like you are being taken advantage of with the incessant asks for babysitting by another mom, it is time to set some boundaries.

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10 Sandwiches Tweens Can Make On Their Own For Lunch

There is no need for tweens to rely on PB&J for lunch. There are plenty of better options for sandwiches that they can make themselves.

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10 Cupcake Recipes Tweens Can Make Themselves

Great cupcake recipes from scratch do not need to be difficult. In fact, some are simple enough for tweens to make on their own.

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How To Keep The Family Bathroom Clean In 10 Minutes A Day

By keeping on top of tiny messes, cleaning the bathroom does not have to be a huge chore.

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Thinking About Thinking Will Benefit Kids, Here’s How

When kids use metacognition, positive changes can be seen almost immediately.

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Helpful Tips For Moms Who Are Overstimulated Easily

When life gets a little too hectic, it is time to slow down and take a break. Doing so will work wonders for overstimulated moms.

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Motherhood: Moving From Fearful Parenting To Confident Parenting

It may take some time, but it is possible to overcome any negative thoughts women have about themselves and the jobs they are doing as mothers.

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10 Halloween Activities To Do As A Family For Kids Of All Ages

Be it on Halloween or the days before, there are plenty of activities to do as a family, regardless of how old or young everyone is!

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What To Do When You Feel Unseen & Unappreciated As A Mom

Far too often, moms go through life feeling unseen and underappreciated for all they do. A trend that needs to change.

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What To Do If You Feel Like No One Respects You As A Mom

When mothers give their all to their children and family, it can be hard to feel like they're respected.

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10 Halloween Activities For Parents At Your Child's Halloween Party

Just because the party is for kids does not mean that parents cannot get involved in the Halloween fun!

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