Steven John's Blippi character first came on to the youtube scene in 2014. Since then, he has made countless educational videos for kids on a vast variety of subjects. They are so entertaining, that Blippi can now be streamed on Hulu, Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video. Blippi also has offline videos on the Blippi website for a charge.

In May 2021, Clayton Grimm started performing as an alternative to Steve John's Blippi. Clayton played Blippi in a live version of the show in 2019. No matter which one the children are watching, they are sure to enjoy it and learn something too. Below you find some favorites that kids will want to watch again and again.

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12 Learn The Alphabet With Blippi


Learn the Alphabet with Blippi will have kids learning the ABC's with Blippi's 40 minutes of ABC unboxing video. Blippi helps children learn the alphabet with a series of letter boxes he opens. Kids will enjoy the excitement of what comes next, so it helps them focus and pay attention. They will learn all 26 letters of the alphabet with Blippi while he opens the ABC boxes with letters on them!

11 Learn To Count With Blippi


Learn to Count with Blippi teaches numbers 1-10. This is great for toddlers going into preschool, or children who are just starting to learn their numbers. Blippi opens surprise boxes to keep kids entertained. They can dance to Blippi songs and learn in this 40-minute video.

10 Blippi Visits The Zoo

tvline blippi

Blippi visits the zoo has Blippi becoming a zookeeper for a day. Blippi learns all about animals for a day. Kids also get a behind the scenes look at being a zookeeper at a zoo. This video is a great way for children to learn about animals and see the fun profession of a zookeeper. If your child loves animals, this one-hour Blippi video will be great for them!

9 Learn Colors With Blippi


Color Boxes are used in Learn to Color with Blippi. Each box has a different surprise inside, and gives children the ability to learn not just the color itself, but how colors change and mix together to make new ones.

8 Blippi Goes To School

tubefilter blippi

Blippi goes back to school in this 40-minute video. Kids can learn about going to school, school supplies, and even riding the bus. This is great for children who might be hesitant about going to school, or even going back to school. Maybe they are riding the bus for the first time? This will help them see how fun it can all be.

7 Blippi Learns About Healthy Foods


In Blippi Learns About Healthy Foods, Blippi Visits Tanaka Farm in Irvine, California and goes fruit and vegetable picking to learn about healthy eating habits. This fun video for kids teaches children about fruits, vegetables, farms, and eating right. This Blippi episode is also good for learning colors, shapes, numbers, and animals!

6 Blippi Explores A Boat

broadway-blippi live

Blippi explores a boat and floats on the water in this Blippi boats for children video. This fun educational video for toddlers is a way for your child to learn with Blippi about boats, and how they operate. How do they float? How do they move? What makes them work? They will also learn a fun boat song.

5 Blippi Visits A Science Mueseum

netflix blippi

Blippi visits a science museum takes Blippi on a fun journey at a children's museum. Blippi plays at the Hands On Children's Museum showing kids all the educational fun that can be had. Learning about an abundance of different things, this video also focuses on learning colors.

4 Blippi Learns About Sea Animals

@blippi via instagram

In Blippi learns about sea animals, kids explore the aquarium with Blippi and learn all about sea animals. This 'underwater' adventure teaches children all about the smallest of sea life, to some of the biggest. They will learn the importance of sea animals in the food chain, how they breathe underwater, and what they eat.

3 Fire Trucks With Blippi

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Fire trucks and vehicles with Blippi is a two-hour video where Blippi explores the fire station, fire trucks, and other emergency service vehicles. Kids love to learn about these heroes we have working among us. They will also get to hear the sirens and learn a fire truck song with Blippi.

2 Blippi Makes Popsicles

In Blippi makes popsicles, Blippi Learns about fruits and healthy eating at Mom & Pop Shop in Costa Mesa, California. Blippi makes natural fruit popsicles and learns and teaches healthy eating for children and toddlers. This Blippi episode is a great way for children to learn things like, healthy living, learning colors, learning to count, and more!.

1 Blippi & The Indoor Playground

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Learning with Blippi at the indoor playground in this Blippi playground compilation, Blippi will help children learn how to have fun and be safe at indoor playgrounds. Crawl through tubes, slide down slides, and more with Blippi.

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