A new survey was done that shows that parents really believe that their child’s toys are their best teachers. It is already well known that children learn through play. When they are young, they learn through interacting with the surrounding items, and from playing with others.

They will often start off playing independently, and then they will grow to play beside others and then with others. They are learning how the world works, how to get along with others, and how to solve conflicts. This is all done by introducing toys and other items to your children, and parents know how vital these are.

According to Study Finds, a new poll has shown that parents think that their children's toys are their best teachers, and perhaps toy companies can do more to encourage learning. This was shown through a poll of 2,000 parents, and it was completed by OnePoll, on behalf of The Toy Association.

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It found that 52% of parents believe that toys are the best teachers their children will ever have. The purpose of the survey was to look at the value parents place on their child’s toys. They also asked them what they thought about toys teaching children about real-world issues, and they found that parents think that children are ready for this at 7 years old.

It also looked at how many toys the average child has, and the magic number was 26, but that doesn’t stop them from wanting more. In fact, 36% of parents reported that their child asks for a new toy at least once a week. Though parents do believe that play is a form of self-care for children, they don’t always mind buying them new toys, even if it is something small.

The pandemic brought a lot of challenges for parents, and they used toys to help them get through it. They found that 77% of parents used toys during their pandemic to teach their children social-emotional learning, and 92% of parents still use this tactic. When it comes to what parents want toys to teach their children, the top responses were bullying, cultural representation, and racial injustice.

Since toys have proven to be a great teaching tool for children, these themes may be ones that companies want to invest in, and there may be some new toys on the market before we know it.

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