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10 Tips On Choosing A Preschool

Here's what to ask, what to watch for, and any red flags to look out for when choosing a preschool.

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Pros & Cons Of Participation Trophies

Participation trophies can benefit or hinder the point of winning. Here's more on the topic.

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Why Is Teaching In Physical Health Failing? We May Know

Phys Ed isn't developing as needed for children. Here's why.

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"The Batman Effect" Helps Kids Tackle Hard Tasks

The Batman Effect refers to the finding that children perform better on a challenging task if they pretend to be someone else, such as Batman

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How Phonological Awareness Can Determine A Child's Ability To Read

Phonological awareness is a determining factor in a child's ability to read. Here's how you can practice this skill at home.

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10 After-School Clubs For High School Boys Who Are Intellectuals

Extracurricular activities after school can also teach life skills that aren't always taught at home or in school.

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How To Drop Off Your Child At School In A Cute & Meaningful Way

A how-to guide for making school drop-offs meaningful and memorable.

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How To Help Yourself When You're The Default Parent

The mental load of the default parent can be very overwhelming. Default parents can end up feeling an enormous amount of pressure and even guilt

School Start Times Have Little Impact On Younger Children

Science is now confirming that it is fine to move start times for older students to help them achieve their best.

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10 Simple Punch Recipes For A Kids' Party

Most children love punch. It's a special treat, that can make the moment special.

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How To Know If Your Child’s Preschool Is Meeting Their Needs

Choosing a preschool can be stressful. But by doing due diligence and seeing that kids are comfortable means a good choice has been made.

Tips For Helping Children Improve Their Handwriting

If your child needs extra help with improving their handwriting skills, we've got a few tips for you.

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Why Childhood Sports May Help Kids Succeed In Life

When kids are in sports, especially high school sports, there is a lot of responsibility needed.

How Teachers Can Support Kids' Mental Health This 2022-2023 School Year

This school year comes after two and a half years of a pandemic, where both kids and teachers lives were disrupted by bouts of remote schooling

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Half Of Parents Had A Sick Child This School Year Already

With the first normal school year back in swing since the pandemic, parents are finding their kids are getting sick in droves.

Parenting Styles: Concerted Cultivation & The Accomplishment Of Natural Growth

Parenting styles differ among middle class, working class, and lower class parents. Ultimately, it shapes a child's future.

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10 Clever Self-Soothing Tips For School-Aged Kids

There are lots of self-soothing techniques school-aged kids can try.

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When Moms Should Be Concerned About Kids’ Aggressive Coach

A coach is an influence on a child’s life, especially when they are coaching a sport that the child loves.

With These Tips Homework Can Be Easier & Done Faster

Coming home to spend time on homework can be frustrating for parents and children. Here are a few tips to ease that responsibility.

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Parenting Tips For Aiding A Child With Working Memory Issues

Children who struggle with working memory have a hard time keeping one piece of information in the forefront of their mind while doing something else