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How Improvising Can Help Your Parenting Skills

The words improv and parenting may have a lot more in common than one would think. Here's what we mean.

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Being In Choir Or Band Can Make Children More Resilient

A new study has found that being part of choir, orchestra or band can help to make children more resilient.

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Water Fluoridation Is Safe For Children

A study has shown that water fluoridation is safe for children, and it may be helpful.

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How To Have A Better Relationship With Your Parents

Not everyone has a healthy relationship with their parents when they are older, but this may be something they want to change.

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Online Inappropriate Behaviors Aimed At Children Are More Common Than We Think

This goes against the common stereotype of a person who would lure children online.

Just 5 Minutes Every Day Could Help Your Child Listen Better

It allows children to interact with their parents without the “stress” of having to constantly follow directions.

What Does Dysfunctional Parenting Look Like?

It can happen by accident when lifestyle and environment change; here's more.

Science Teaches Us How To Help Preschoolers Be Fair 1
Science Teaches Us How To Help Preschoolers Be Fair

This study aimed to look at a young child’s sense of morality.

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App Developers Using "Persuasive Design" To Keep Kids Hooked

App developers have three main ways they keep children glued to the screen.

Children With Strict Parents More Likely To Develop Depression 1
Children With Strict Parents More Likely To Develop Depression

This specifically applied to parents who used physical punishment and psychological manipulation.

School Start Times Have Little Impact On Younger Children

Science is now confirming that it is fine to move start times for older students to help them achieve their best.

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Sometimes I Wish I Can Fast-Forward To When My Kids Are Older

I know that one day I will look back and wish the days were still here when they were younger, but that doesn’t change these fleeting thoughts.

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The Best (& Worst) Halloween Candy By State

Snickers to Kitkats, what's your favorite Halloween candy?

Teens With ADHD Not Reporting A Low Quality Of Life 1
Teens With ADHD Not Reporting A Low Quality Of Life

Those who have ADHD and who are 14 and 15 years old do not appear to have a low quality of life, despite the challenges that they face.

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Short Stories About Ghosts For Kids During This Spooky Season

If parents are looking for some great ghost stories for children, they may want to check here.

How Positive Parenting & Hand Hygiene Keep Kids Healthy 1
Positive Parenting & Hand Hygiene Keep Kids Healthy

Positive parenting on hand hygiene can help reduce the amount of time kindergarten students miss school due to illness.

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Depression Screening Recommended For All Children Regardless Of Symptoms

Mental health in youth is something that needs to be taken seriously.

Catchy Clean-Up Songs For Preschoolers

Clean-up songs can motivate kids to tidy up their mess without their mom losing her mind.

Parents Believe Their Child's Toys Are Their Best Teachers

Parents think that their children's toys are their best teachers, and perhaps toy companies can do more to encourage learning.

Tips For Helping Children Improve Their Handwriting

If your child needs extra help with improving their handwriting skills, we've got a few tips for you.

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