It seems like October flew by in the blink of an eye, and now Thanksgiving is fast approaching. Typically, it's dinner that's the star of the show, and if you're one of the brave souls in charge of hosting this year, breakfast is probably the last thing on your mind when it comes to Thanksgiving. But what if we told you there were quick and easy ways to make a regular breakfast into a fun Thanksgiving treat for your kids?

Start new traditions and give your kids a breakfast they'll love with these 10 Thanksgiving breakfast recipes.

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10 Acorn Donut Holes

These adorable donut holes are the perfect Thanksgiving breakfast for a mom with little time to spend on prep. Grab some store bought donut holes, chocolate icing or Nutella, sprinkles, and pretzel sticks. Melt the chocolate icing or Nutella in the microwave. Dip half of each donut hole into the melty goodness, top with sprinkles, and stick in half of a pretzel stick.

9 Turkey Breakfast Sandwich

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating this turkey-themed breakfast sandwich. The version shown includes a sunny-side-up egg, crispy bacon, and a slice of cheese between two pieces of toast, but you can use whatever ingredients you have on hand. If you need inspiration, check out these breakfast sandwich recipes. Once your sandwich is ready, simply pop on two edible eyes, or make your own, and a beak cut from a slice of cheese.

8 Turkey Fruit Platter

Throw together this festive platter with any fruit you have on hand. The pear does work best for the turkey's body, but the rest of the fruit can be subbed out as long as the layers are alternating. After assembling your fruit, place two edible eyes onto the turkey and draw on a beak and legs using orange decorating gel. Serve with a side of yogurt and granola to make this into a full breakfast for your kids.

7 Turkey Bagels

Are you sensing a theme here? It's amazing how many things we can shape like a turkey! To create this Thanksgiving Day bagel, you'll need bagels and cream cheese of your choosing, apples, mandarin oranges, and blueberries. When deciding which bagels and cream cheese to go with, remember that they will be paired with fruit. Toast and slice the bagel, smear on some cream cheese, and assemble the fruit on each half. For each bagel half you will need six apple slices for the tailfeathers, two mandarin oranges as wings, two blueberries for eyes, and a triangular piece of apple for the beak. Use the image above as reference when assembling.

6 Turkey Toast

A fun twist on a breakfast classic, this turkey toast will be a hit with your kids, and it requires minimal prep from you. Toast a piece of bread as usual and layer on their favorite spread. You can use whatever you want - jam, jelly, peanut butter, Nutella. Then use fruit you have on hand to transform their piece of toast into a turkey. As the picture shows, apple slices, bananas, or really any fruit can be used to construct this turkey.

5 Turkey Waffles

Your kid's go-to instant waffle makes the perfect base for these Thanksgiving Turkey Waffles, or make homemade waffles if you're feeling adventurous. Once your waffles are ready, shape the base of your turkey - you'll need two wings and a round head as shown in the picture above. Then, add alternating layers of any fruits you have on hand to make tailfeathers, stick on edible eyes and a cheese beak, and finish it up with two small cheese legs.

4 Oatmeal Turkeys

These cute oatmeal turkeys are a wonderful way to start Thanksgiving morning. You can use any oatmeal of your choice for the base, so definitely grab that package of instant oatmeal if you're crunched for time. If you want to make your oatmeal from scratch, check out these fall-inspired recipes. After you've prepared the oatmeal, use fruit slices to make the tailfeathers. Sliced apples, bananas, mango, or persimmons are all good options. Add a larger slice of fruit in the center of the oatmeal to make the turkey's head and then top with edible eyes and a small, triangular slice of fruit for the beak.

3 Turkey Pancakes

What kid doesn't love pancakes? A few quick tweaks will turn a batch of regular pancakes into a breakfast fit for Thanksgiving. You can whip up some homemade pancakes or use frozen to save time. You'll need one large, round pancake for the turkey's body and a smaller, round pancake for the head. The toppings are up to you; the turkey in the picture has been smeared with peanut butter and Nutella. Use apple slices to make the tailfeathers, draw on two legs with Nutella, add a dot of Nutella or a chocolate chip for the eye, and use a piece of candy corn for the beak.

2 Cinnamon Roll Turkeys

These cinnamon roll turkeys are sure to make your kids smile. Use store bought, canned, or homemade cinnamon rolls for the body of the turkey. Fry up some crispy bacon for the tailfeathers, stick in a few pretzel sticks for the feet, add two edible eyes, and finish it off with a candy corn nose. Quick, simple, and delicious.

1 Turkey Sausage and English Muffin

English muffins, sausage links, blueberries, and candy corn are all you'll need to create these delightful breakfast turkeys. Prepare the English muffin half as usual - it can be toasted or untoasted and topped with any spread of your choosing. Use five sausage links to construct tailfeathers, place on two blueberry eyes, and add candy corn for the beak and legs.

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