Thanksgiving dinner is one of the things that families look forward to each and every year. Especially so if it is one's first year hosting the dinner. It is exciting and enjoyable to get to see your family members that you haven't seen in a while again. While we always want everything to be "perfect," that isn't entirely realistic.

However, we can do our best to create a beautiful table for our families to gather around. From the table settings and silverware placement, to even the table covering and the napkins, we set it up to look beautiful for our family to sit around it and talk about what they are thankful for.

But what pulls it all together? A beautiful centerpiece, of course! But you do not have to go all out and purchase a fancy one from a florist! You can create your own! Maybe even have the kids help out! Below are some of our favorite do-it-yourself centerpieces that you can put together for your Thanksgiving table this year!

7 Candle and Greens

This is a beautiful and simple centerpiece that can do double duty for both Thanksgiving and Christmas! Using a lovely simple wide white candle, some greens, and some pinecones and small ornaments (of your choosing) you can create a centerpiece that will look at home at any table!

To see the craft for yourself, check it out on On Sutton Place.

6 Nature-Inspired Centerpiece

If you have greens around your home that you can use, you can use them as a base. If you head outside and grab some pinecones, you can put it in a dish with some pomegranates that you can get at the store. Then you have a beautifully simple centerpiece that takes virtually no time at all to put together!

To see the craft for yourself, check it out on The Boondocks Blog.

5 Pilgrim Hat Centerpiece

Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete without some pilgrim décor! This centerpiece looks just like a pilgrim's hat when finished. All you need are some items that are readily available at your local dollar store! When finished, it looks just like a pilgrim's hat! The kids could definitely have fun helping out with this one!

To see the craft for yourself, check it out on Hip2Save.

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4 Faux Pumpkin Vase

This is such an easy and beautiful centerpiece! You can find faux pumpkins at just about any craft store! The same goes for the beautiful faux flowers! You may even be able to find some at your local dollar store! You can create a beautiful centerpiece for mere dollars!

To see the craft for yourself, check it out on A Pumpkin And A Princess.

3 Turkey Gourd Centerpiece

This one will get the kids involved! Grab a gourd from the grocery store and pull out those craft supplies, feathers, googly eyes, all of it! Have them decorate the gourd to look like a turkey! It will be the talk of Thanksgiving dinner at how well a job the kids did on the centerpiece!

To see the craft for yourself, check it out on Design Improvised.

2 Mason Jar Leaf Lanterns

These are so pretty and just so easy to make, too! If you have Mason jars that are just lying around begging to be crafted with, then this is the time to do it! All it takes is some Mod Podge, fabric leaves, and a sponge brush! Once they are dry, you can toss in a cute little battery-operated tealight for ambiance and you have a beautiful and simple Thanksgiving centerpiece!

To see the craft for yourself, check it out on One Little Project.

1 An Abundance of Fruit

There is nothing quite like an edible centerpiece! Give your guests something to nosh on while they are waiting for dinner to be ready, or for a sweet after-dinner treat! Find a lovely looking vessel in your home to house the fruit in, and boom, you have a gorgeous centerpiece for guests to ooh and ahh about!

To see the craft for yourself, check it out on Craft Berry Bush.

No matter what DIY centerpiece route that you go with, you are going to have a beautiful table come this Thanksgiving! We wish you and yours a happy one!

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