Christmas is right around the corner. If you are thinking about decorating or purchasing Christmas decor, consider a "half" Christmas tree. It's exactly that, half of a Christmas tree, and it saves space.

During most months of the year, our living and dining spaces are usually occupied, with furniture taking up most of the space. Whether that is a couch, recliner, dining set, a hutch, or something else, the point is something is there.

When Christmas time rolls around, it's always so much fun to try and figure out where we are going to place our respective Christmas trees. Sure, we could go crazy cleaning out corners and moving furniture, or we could work smarter and not harder with new "half" Christmas tree, according to CafeMom.

The artificial trees look just like the real deal, except without all the extra branches in the back that no one can ever reach to decorate anyway! All you have to do is pop it into its stand and push it up against the wall, or into a corner if you wish, and now you have a nice and cozy Christmas corner to spread the holiday cheer –just without all that extra unused space that would be behind a regular tree.

There are many retailers that are selling half-Christmas trees. Some of them include Home Depot, Wayfair, Amazon, Target, Walmart, and more. The best part about these half-trees? Most of them come already pre-lit, so you don't have to worry about stringing strands of lights and garland around it.

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All you need to worry about is kicking back and enjoying the fun of decorating your half-tree with beautiful baubles and gorgeous garland. Sip some eggnog and turn on the Christmas music, and you will be able to enjoy that half-Christmas tree against the wall, or wherever you think it will look best.

Wayfair is even selling an upside-down Christmas tree for those who love the quirky and the silly. These half-trees are so handy because you can slide them right up against the wall, and when you are done decking it out with boughs of holly, you can place the presents beneath it.

In all respects, it is just like a regular artificial tree, it just takes up less space, and it's less of a frustration when it comes to trying to figuring out where to put the tree. These are especially handy for apartments and those who live in a tight space where you still want to have a tree but don't have enough space for a full-sized one.

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