Many of us are looking forward to waving "so long" to 2020 as we head toward the holiday season. This year has brought many unexpected challenges, and we've all experienced our fair share of stress trying to navigate through circumstances we never anticipated. Usually Christmas decorations remain tucked away until after Thanksgiving, but this year many people are deciding to break them out early. We could all certainly use a little extra holiday cheer this year.

Check out these 12 budget-friendly ways to decorate your house for Christmas.

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12 Make DIY Paper Christmas Tree Centerpieces

These gorgeous paper Christmas trees can be as simple or elaborate as you want. For a basic version, all you need is colored paper and scissors. Check out this tutorial from Crafty Daily to make your own. Once you're done creating your masterpieces, place them on your mantle or in the center of your table. Surround them with a few colorful ornaments for an extra festive flair.

11 Hang Homemade Icicles

Spice up your shelves and mantle with these homemade paper icicles from DIY In The Forest. Even a novice crafter can tackle this task, and it's as easy on the eyes as it is on the wallet. You can keep your icicles the traditional white, or use leftover holiday wrapping paper to add some pizzazz.

10 Dress Up Your Candles

Use tissue paper to decorate plain candles you have around the house. The possibilities for this one are endless, so get creative! Check out the tutorial from Pretty Handy Girl for instructions and design inspiration.

9 Build Your Own Wreath

Holiday wreaths can be expensive, but there's nothing like walking up to your front door and being greeted with a giant, festive wreath. If you're feeling crafty, try making your own at home to save money. We enjoyed this video from Miss PlanIt as she walks you through the steps, and the best part is you'll spend less than $20 making it.

8 Repurpose Your Wine Glasses

Who knew wine glasses were multipurpose? Grab three wineglasses, fill them with Christmas ornaments, and plop them upside down in the center of your table. Then, tie a bow around the stem and place a candle on top. Viola! You've got yourself a gorgeous Christmas centerpiece.

7 Wrap Prop Presents

Wrap empty boxes in holiday wrapping paper to make prop presents. Place small presents on the mantle or stack a large pile in the corner for an extra pop of holiday cheer. Just make sure your kids know the presents are fake before piling them around the house.

6 Turn Extra Ornaments Into A Centerpiece

Christmas ornaments can make anything feel festive yet elegant. If you have extra ornaments, place them in a decorative bowl and set them in the center of your table. Having a bit of garland in the bowl that can be seen peeking through the ornaments adds an additional pop of color and Christmas-y feel to your centerpiece.

5 Get Crafty With DIY Holiday Throw Pillows

Try your hand at homemade throw pillows for a cozy Christmas touch to your living room. HGTV offers a variety of DIY pillow options to try out this holiday season. Don't count yourself out if the thought of sewing makes you cringe; there's even a no-sew pillow option.

4 Hang Homemade Floating Stars

These dazzling homemade stars will make your house feel like a winter wonderland. Gathering Beauty shows you how to take Christmas-themed scrapbook paper and turn it into one of these works of art.

3 Wrap Your Doors

A simple yet effective way to decorate your house for the holidays. Traditionally you wrap the front door, but why not wrap every door in the house? Your kids will have a blast picking out the design for their room and tearing it down Christmas morning.

2 Make A Pinecone Centerpiece

Pinecones are an underappreciated Christmas decoration. You can seriously do anything with them - place them in a glass vase, lay them on a platter with Christmas lights, throw them in a bowl with ornaments - and they somehow manage to create a beautiful centerpiece every time.

1 Create A Wall Christmas Tree

You can use almost anything to make a wall Christmas tree. Garland, sticks, or empty wrapping paper tubes cut to size can all be used to make the outline of your tree. Add some lights and a few decorations and you can have a miniature version of your Christmas tree in any room of the house. Creative Spotting offers instructions for making a Minimalist Christmas Tree out of garland.

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