You know, when you're growing up, there's just not enough time or energy spent preparing you for just how time you'll spend cleaning as an adult. It's kind of overwhelming! Especially if you have kids. Not a day goes by that we don't need to sweep or pick stuff up off the floor or wash a load of laundry or wipe off some unidentified goo from the bathroom sink. Then there's the dishes and the putting away of the laundry and the general upkeep throughout the day that needs to be done to keep you home from falling into complete disarray. It's never-ending! And we haven't even mentioned the big cleaning sessions, where you bust out the mop and the sprays and rags and maybe even move some furniture around to run the vacuum over the collection of crumbs and debris that's collected under it. Luckily, once your kids get old enough to man a broom, they can be of some assistance in the chore department! And your housecleaning sessions can become a family affair. You will have to make them a bit more enticing though; it should come as no surprise that most kids don't actually enjoy chores any more than we do.

One way to get them in the spirit is by turning chores into one big productive dance party. These songs are perfect for that, and family-friendly enough that kids of all ages can dust and dance!

10 Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen

You can't help but get and move when this song is on! It's got a great, upbeat rhythm and catchy chorus that will distract your kiddos long enough to make them forget they're folding laundry.

9 I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston

An oldie but a forever goodie. If your kids don't know this gem yet, then family chore time is the perfect time to introduce them to the musical stylings of Whitney Houston in the 80's.

8 Uptown Funk (clean edit) by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson

Another bop! You may be sensing a theme here - if you want to get your kids up and moving and helping with chores, you have to make it impossible for them to stay seated. You literally can't sit through this song, it requires physical celebration.

7 Happy by Pharrell Williams

Will your kids be happy that they're spending their Saturday cleaning bathrooms and dusting shelves? Probably not. Will they be happIER doing it to this song? Most definitely.

6 Firework by Katy Perry

Baby, you're a fiiiiiiiirewoooooork! Grab that broom and show me hooooooow you woooooork! It's pretty perfect, let's be honest.

5 Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus

Is it any coincidence that "noddin'" sounds a lot like "moppin'" when you you sing it at a very high volume? We don't think so. Put this one on your family chore playlist, and instead of butterflies flyin' away, they'll be shooing away those closet moths.

4 I Gotta Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas

The BEP are right! Tonight will be a very good night if you get through the list of cleaning tasks needed to put the house back in order! Promise them a movie night after cleaning day and they can sing this song with something to look forward to.

3 Old Town Road by Lil Nas X

Does this song make an excellent addition to your family chore playlist? Yes. Will your kids stop what they're doing every time the chorus comes on so they can do the accompanying dance? Also yes.

2 Shake It Off by Taylor Swift

Some songs are great for any kind of chores. And some songs, like this one, are great for a very specific chore. This is the one you want to play while shaking off the rugs outside, obviously.

1 Can't Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake

The quickest way to get your kids excited about family chore day? Put a song on the playlist that they absolutely cannot resist. And this isn't a scientific fact or anything, but we're willing to bet that there isn't a kid anywhere who can resist this song, from one of best kids' movies around, Trolls. Sometimes you have to throw them a bone in the form of a catchy Justin Timberlake song.

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