A survey has found that listening to music while studying can improve a student’s GPA. Grades are very important to students, and their parents, as they know that they can open the doors for a future of opportunities. Good grades in high school can lead to a good college, good grades in college can lead to a career that is fulfilling and rewarding.

This means that parents take the grades their children receive very seriously, and they make sure their children know that they should be as well. However, every student is different, and it is not as easy as “study hard,” you will automatically get good grades because every child learns differently and at a different pace.

According to Study Finds, listening to music while studying may be helpful when it comes to improving a GPA. This was shown through a survey that was done by OnePoll, on behalf of CSU Global. The survey was intended to look at the link between music and study habits.

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The survey involved 2,000 US participants, and it found that those who listened to music while they studied had a GPA that is higher than 3.2. This was higher than those who did not listen to music while they studied. The survey also found the following links between study and music:

  • 49% stated that they listen to music while studying.
  • 60% stated that they were able to study better when something was playing in the background.
  • The percentage increased the younger the student was, it seems that this is a newer study trend.
  • Of those who had careers already, 89% said that they are better able to focus at work if they have something playing in the background.
  • 80% said that listening to music while studying is “therapeutic,” and 3 in 4 said that it helps them take in more information.

Could this be the key to better grades for your child? When your child is about to study or do their homework, play some music in the background and ask them about their focus. You may find that they are suddenly able to concentrate more, and this will lead to better grades. While the music your child prefers may work best, the survey did find that most listened to classical music while they studied, and found that style helped more than others. Some even preferred white noise or just the sounds of everyday life such as nature's sounds.

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