If mom has a young child, then she probably knows who Blippi is. YouTube has become the new TV for children, and they seem to always want to be on it. Not only that, but they seem to know how to work it on their own. They know how to navigate and find the content that they want, and they can always find Blippi. That is probably because at the end of every one of his videos he teaches children how to find his videos by spelling his name together.

According to Common Sense Media, Blippi is loved by children all over because he seems to be incredibly young at heart and he presents himself to children in a very relatable way. He has a talent for keeping children glued to the screen instead of wandering off and mom doesn’t mind too much because all of his content is super educational.

However, even if Blippi is teaching children their ABC’s or the 123’s, she can get a little tired of having nothing else on. If mom is looking for some other content on YouTube to introduce to her children, she may want to check out one of these 8 channels instead.

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8 WOW English TV

This channel is similar to Blippi as it hosted by another “real life” man named Steve. According to Rainforest Learning Centre, Steve is usually mixed in with a cartoon background to help engage the children. He may not be as colorful as Blippi, but he presents himself in a similar way. His channel revolves around him using simple words and he repeats them a lot to help children learning to speak.

7 Machines For Kids

The concept of this channel is quite simple, but if your little one loves machines, and anything that moves, this may be the perfect channel. The bonus is that there is no “annoying” voice to bug mom. The premise is simple, and it is just footage of boats, trucks, tractors and more pieces of machinery that is set to music.

6 Katie Cutie Kids TV

Katie Cutie is a female host who spends her time singing nursery rhymes with background animations. She doe sit all while wearing some pretty colorful and cool costumes. Katie differs from Blippi as she is not as much of a “host” as he is, and she is usually there making faces to go with the music and the lyrics of the songs.

5 Toddler Fun Learning

If you want a program that is guaranteed to be toddler specific, then this is the one for you. This is an educational program where they are teaching lessons in a way that a toddler would be able to follow along with. They talk slow and they show it in a way that is easy for 3-year-olds to process and take in. There is a mixture of animation and real-life on this channel.

4 Super Simple TV – Kids Shows & Cartoons

This YouTube channel is presented in a way that is very similar to shows they would catch on TV. There are episodes and they all feature either an animation or puppets. They teach young children the alphabet, and they also tell them stories on how to solve problems. The pace is kept slow to keep the interest of those who are watching.

3 TED-Ed

According to Country Living, if your child is growing out of Blippi and mom is looking for an alternative, TED-ed may be the right choice. It is a kid-focused version of the popular TED Talks. This series features animated videos that explore learning subjects like science, technology and history. It is a bit more challenging and geared towards children who are a little older.

2 Kids Learning Tube

One of the main reasons that mom loves Blippi so much is because he is full of educational content, and that is the kind of information they want their children to be watching. Kids Learning Tube is a great educational platform and they have content for both elementary school and middle school-aged children and they cover a wide variety of educational topics. They are also full of catchy songs to help them remember.

1 Maddie Moate

Maddie’s channel is all about education and adventure, and she takes children with her on a journey to learn more about a variety of topics. From learning how LEGO toys are made to doing an experiment with freezing water, her channel has something for everyone. This is definitely a channel that mom can watch with her child and then they can try some of the experiments at home.

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