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10 After-School (No Screen) Activities For The Tween Who Loves To Be Neat

Tweens are very capable. They can do a lot more than when they were in their toddler years.

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16 Halloween YouTube Clips From Preschoolers' Favorite Shows

For parents looking for some cute Halloween clips including their preschoolers favorite characters, look no further!

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Why Many Kids Don't Eat Seafood & How To Implement It In Their Diet

When kids meals are offered, or a kid friendly recipe is offered, it's not likely that either will have seafood included in them.

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Time-Outs Explained By Experts

Some parents use time-outs when their child does something they shouldn't or says something they shouldn't. Likewise, some parents don't use them.

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Depression Screening Recommended For All Children Regardless Of Symptoms

Mental health in youth is something that needs to be taken seriously.

Three-Year-Olds: Everything You Need To Know From Behavior To Developmental Needs

It is important to remember that every child develops at their own pace, and these are just averages for three-year-olds.

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10 Cooking Games To Keep Kids Entertained

Parents who are letting kids take part in cooking may not realize this, but they are opening the door to a lot of benefits for their children.

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How To Help A Preschooler Deal With Stress

Everyone is prone to stress. Even preschoolers. But with the right tools, stressful situations can be dealt with, with ease.

How To Help Your Toddler Resist Future Peer Pressure

When a toddler is in a home with clear rules and boundaries, they have a clear understanding of what is right and wrong.

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A Teenage Girl's Diet Could Impact Her Menstrual Pain

A teenage girl’s diet could impact her odds of experiencing pain during their menstrual cycle.

How Teachers Can Support Kids' Mental Health This 2022-2023 School Year

This school year comes after two and a half years of a pandemic, where both kids and teachers lives were disrupted by bouts of remote schooling

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What Children Need To Experience A Happy Childhood

Parents want the best for their children and their happiness means everything to them.

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Four-Year-Olds: Everything You Need To Know From Behavior To Developmental Needs

Four-year-olds have developed so much in just 1,461 days. Thinking about how much more they will accomplish as they age is mind-boggling.

What Is Discipline (& What It Isn't) 1
What Is Discipline (& What It Isn't)

Discipline is not rules, regulations, compliance, obedience, or enforcement. It is not rigid, boring, or always doing the same thing

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Koala Parenting Explained

Koala parenting focuses on creating a close bond between parent and child from birth.

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How Socioeconomic Status Affects Parenting & Child Development

Socioeconomic Status can refer to education, and to what level one can achieve goals, employment, or job prestige.

Parenting Styles: Concerted Cultivation & The Accomplishment Of Natural Growth

Parenting styles differ among middle class, working class, and lower class parents. Ultimately, it shapes a child's future.

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Tips For Preschoolers To Sit Still During Time-Out

Times-outs are still one of the most highly recommended forms of discipline. [Not punishment]

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What To Do When You Find Yourself Saying, “But My First Child Didn’t Do That”

To compare is human nature. But comparisons made between siblings can be detrimental. Both to their mental health and relationship with one another.

How I Helped My Kids Get Through Their Learning Difficulties

As a mother of four boys, I've come across quite a few different struggles concerning them. Some days it seems if it's not one thing, it's another.

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