How To Help Your Daughter Through Puberty

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Puberty In Girls

As a woman yourself, you might remember how difficult growing into a young woman can be. In addition to the onset of your monthly cycle and all of the joy that that brings, you begin to develop in other ways. Hormones do all sorts of crazy things to your body, including the potential for weight gain and acne. Girls often struggle with these changes. Having a relationship with you that is open and honest will help your pre-teen daughter immensely. As you deal with your daughter’s experience with puberty, here are some tips to remember.

First, be patient. You know how grumpy you are when a certain time of the month rolls around? Well, imagine how that was the first time it happened! Be as patient as possible with your girl while she learns to deal with these emotions.

Acne is a very real problem for kids at this age. Help your child by buying over the counter treatments, but assure her of her beauty and worth in spite of the bumps. If the acne becomes serious or threatens to scar, seek your doctor’s advice. Remember, acne is a rite of passage for young teens, but that does not diminish its affect on their self-image. Be supportive of your daughter during this time!

Weight gain can also be a problem at this age. Do not make your girl feel self conscious about her weight, but do encourage her to be as active and healthy as possible by helping her enroll in sports or taking walks together. Childhood obesity is a dangerous health concern, so do your part to keep your child active.

Finally, one of the most important things you need to know about your daughter and puberty is that she is going to start becoming more interested in sex. Make sure you are the one who teaches her about this important issue, not her friends. Do not rely on sex education classes at school. You are her mom, and you need to instill in her the values and morals that you want to see guide her as she explores her sexuality during puberty and afterward.

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