Homework: Does your Child Really Need so Much Help?

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by Patrice on February 2, 2011 · 0 comments

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Some kids seem to need more help completing their homework than other kids do. For the busy single mom who is trying to complete her own tasks while the child sits and does his homework, the constant request for help may seem unreasonable.

A lack of understanding of the task is not the only reason your child may be interrupting you continuously asking for assistance with homework. Take some time and try to find a pattern in the timing of the requests and look for solutions to motivate him to do as much as he can on his own.

Have you ever been so overwhelmed and stressed by your own hectic schedule that you’ve just given the child the answers to his homework so you can attend other pressing matters? Don’t judge yourself when answering the question, just be honest. If it’s ever happened your child may be looking for another instance of an easy way out of doing the work himself. You can’t blame a kid for trying to get out of doing homework when other kids are outside playing.

Let your child know that the homework is his responsibility and that while you will offer support, it’s up to him to do the work. Be consistent. If another matter requires your immediate attention, have your child do the work he is able to do with assurance that you will be back to help him with what he really needs help with as soon as you resolve your own emergency.

Does your child seem to need more help when you’re on the phone or busy with a task that seems to require all of your attention? It could be that the child just feels left out.

Before the homework is started, have the child explain the assignments he will be working on. Let him devise a plan for completing the homework and show your approval of the plan. Then tell your child what you will be doing while he is doing his homework and let him know that you will be back to let him show you his accomplishments and help with anything he wasn’t able to achieve on his own. This will empower your child to feel that he doing his part in the daily routine by allowing you to tend to other tasks.

Is the homework session taking too long because the child can’t remain focused? Is he asking for help out of boredom?

Observe the area that is designated for doing homework. Are the other children watching TV or playing a game that is preventing your child from concentrating on the task at hand? A single mom likes to keep all of the kids in an area where she can keep her eye on them, but if it’s detrimental to the child doing his homework, a solution must be found. Perhaps a new homework location will be a good idea. Maybe the TV just has to be shut off.

Once the child has developed the ability to work alone, check back often enough to let him know that you are supporting his task. Help him with the problems he really needs help with and once the homework has been completed, let him know it was a job well done.

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