High School Breakdown

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in (15-18 years)

High school is an experience that we have all been through, for some those four years are the best years of their life while others couldn’t be more excited to get out. Single mom, for some of you high school must have been a while back and every year there are new changes in the curriculum, requirements on what classes to take and when to take them. You want to see your child succeed as much as he/she can. In order for you to be able to help them, you, yourself need to be aware of the classes, there meaning and what they are for.

Each high school is different and offers different classes and courses.  But there is a set standard for certain classes:

  1. 4 years of English
  • English 1-2, 3-4. 5-6. 7-8
  1. 3 years of Math
  • Algebra I
  • Algebra II
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Calculus
  1. 2 years of Foreign Language
  • Varies according to school, usually Spanish
  1. 2 years of Social Science/History
  • U.S. history (two semesters)
  • U.S. government (one semester)
  • World history or geography (one semester)
  1. 1 year of Visual/Performing Arts
  2. 2 years of Lab Science
  • Biology
  • Chemistry or physics
  1. 1 year of Electives
  • Varies according to school

These are referred to as the “a-g” curriculum. You need to have completed all of these classes with a passing grade in order to apply for college.  Depending on your state some may require you to take 3 years of foreign language and 4 years of math. Additional requirements vary by state.

What are AP classes?

AP (Advanced Placement) Classes are college level classes taken at high school. The benefit for taking AP classes is, during the end of the year, when the AP test is taken, if you pass the test with a score of 3+ you will not have to take the class in college.  Furthermore, students who take AP classes tend to be more prepared for college because they know what to expect in terms of work load and time spent.

Honors/Accelerated Classes.

These classes are not the same thing as AP classes, Honors and accelerated classes are significantly more challenging classes that are offered to students. The reason to take these would be when applying to college and they see you challenge yourself; it looks good on your transcript.

Every school has assortment of clubs in which you can join, each club is different and represents a different aspect of the school. Students are encourages to join clubs to raise knowledge and social skills.

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