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The single mom who tries to feed her family a healthy, well balanced diet sometimes has to resort to nutrition trickery. As children grow, they pass through phases of what foods they will eat, and what foods they simply can’t or won’t tolerate.

Most kids love spaghetti and will slurp it up as long as there is no microscopic chunk of red that might allow them to think that there is tomato in the sauce. Other kids have to be limited with the number of slices of pizza they are allowed to consume at a single sitting, but don’t try to tempt them with a dish that has cheese in it.

One of the tools a single mom can use to get her family to eat healthy is her blender. Whip up a smoothie and simply add whatever nutrients your family is missing.  The right ingredients in a smoothie can even replace a nutritious meal when the occasion warrants.

Even families with allergies to dairy products can drink smoothies. Just use fruit or vegetable juice, tofu or soy milk instead of yogurt and milk.

If you’re trying to restrict the use of refined sugar or sugar substitutes, and the drink needs a bit of sweetening, try adding banana to smoothies that don’t contain sweet fruits.

Protein powder, wheat germ, flax seeds and even high fiber cereals can be pulverized in the blender and incorporated into the smoothie without the family ever knowing what they’re drinking.

The basic recipe for a nutritious smoothie is fruits or vegetables, liquid and sweetener. Yogurt is optional, but either plain or flavored can be used for a smoother smoothie. Ice can be added to make the smoothie thicker.

There is really no wrong way to blend up a smoothie. Start with about 2 cups of fruit or vegetables. Cut them into chunks that your blender can handle. Add ½ cup of liquid to start. Increase to 1 cup until you have the consistency you’re looking for. Add honey or another sweetener to taste.

When the single mom firsts presents her families with the nutritious smoothie, it should simply be made with fruits that she knows her kids like the flavor of. Once they have had a chance to realize that they love the delicious treats, other fruits and vegetables can be snuck in.

Carrots are a good starter vegetable for a smoothie. They are sweet and work well with apple juice. As other vegetables are added to the smoothie, it may be harder to disguise what you are up to. Turn it into a game. Let the kids try to guess the ingredients. That will make it easier when you decide to add spinach and the drink turns green.

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