Hearing Problems in Children

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by Patrice on February 28, 2011 · 2 comments

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Most children learn to read in school and many single moms depend on communication with the teacher to alert them to the development of her child’s reading skills. But, there are several indicators during the pre-school years that can alert parents that their child is at risk for problems learning to read.

If you recognize any of these signs that a medical or physical problem could put your child at risk for a reading problem down the road, don’t wait to address them. Take action quickly to make sure that your child can embark on the exciting world that good reading skills offer.

A hearing problem can often be suspected if the toddler has problems learning to speak. Later, if the child shows difficulty with rhyming games or recognizing and using words that start with a certain sounds it could indicate a speech problem, hearing difficulty or even an infection. If sound manipulation does not progress at a steady pace during the young child’s development, bring your concerns to the attention of the child’s doctor who can do an exam or refer you to a specialist.

The single mom can watch for signs of reading problems in the beginning reader by paying attention to how the child reacts when mom asks them to read to them. If they openly resist the request it may be because they are struggling, and the proactive single mom will start to look for other signs that her child needs help.

A child who is beginning to read should be able to pronounce new words as they are introduced and remember them, using them in their vocabulary. When learning to read the child breaks the words into sounds and then blends them to make words. This is learning to read phonetically.

A child who has a problem learning to read by sounding out the words will guess at the words rather that attempting to figure them out on their own.

Using pictures to help them figure out a word is an important tool to help the beginning reader gain confidence in their reading skills. As the child grows older the reading material won’t offer the pictures, so early identification of a reading problem will prevent problems in the later years.

The early warning signs that alert the single mom of a potential reading problem shouldn’t cause panic. Each child learns to read at a different pace. Because learning to read becomes more difficult as the child grows older, being aware of a problem and reacting calmly and reasonably to signals that may or may not cause a problem will help the single mom decide how to proceed.

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Nicky March 1, 2011 at 4:43 am

It’s also important to get your child’s hearing screened beforehand and checked regularly, to avoid permanent hearing loss and to be cured early. Normally a 3 months old kid can be seen a hearing problems signs.


Savannah March 1, 2011 at 9:41 am

As your children get older, their school should do screenings of both their hearing and vision as well, so those should be some good alerts to look out for too.


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