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Living a healthy lifestyle is very important. Being a single mom you have so much to worry about and so many things coming at you all at once.  You have your children, house, and job to look after, from that you have bills, child’s school, and life stresses. You become so caught up in everything that is happening around you that you forget to stop and think about yourself through the whole process. You stay up late; forget to eat, and drown yourself in caffeine, leading to unhealthy living. In the rush of life the littlest changes can make a huge difference. Here are a few tips and suggestions to keep you healthy and fit while still allowing you to do your daily work and without putting a stop in your responsibilities.

Daily dose of exercise

Main problem with many adults that lead diseases and unhealthy feeling is lack of exercise.  With so much busy work we get lazy and just slouch around everyday and ignore doing anything that requires us to move around. So without having to leave the comfort of your office or home you can do things that don’t require movement such as doing everything standing. If you are cooking, doing work, watching T.V. doing it standing up, sitting down you are not burning any calories, standing you are. Walk everywhere that has short distance.

Don’t compromise with your food

Eating is so important and eating right is even more important. To begin with, if you are one of those people who rush out the door with a cup of coffee and don’t eat breakfast, you need to stop. You’ve probably heard multiple times that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, that’s because it is! If that means setting your alarm clock half hour earlier, so be it! Also, stop eating fast foods and microwavable food, as healthy as it looks it’s nothing compared to actually cooked meals. Instead of munching of a bag of chips fill your pantry with fruits and veggies and munch on those, you notice such a huge difference.

Don’t Stress

It may seem like telling a cow not to moo, Impossible! Being an adult stress just seems to tag along like wrinkles. But try to get rid of things that cause you stress, I don’t mean quit your job and drop all your responsibilities, it just means try to figure what in that causes you to stress. Don’t bring work home; try to get it all done in the office. Don’t waste your weekends drooling over bills, those are just a gift life keeps giving, instead out and spend more time with your children.


As silly as it sounds a smile is a huge factor to a good life. If you just put a smile on your face and keep your positive attitude up all the troubling aspects of life seem to be less troublesome. The best part is that a smile is so contagious, when you see someone with a huge smile on his or her face; it makes you want to smile. Smile everyday, stress less, and try to be happy and think about what in life really matters, everything else is just things that go by,


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Casey December 27, 2011 at 3:11 am

I think aside from making sure you eat and exercise daily, you need to have a safety net like health coverages. I mean, you may think you are healthy but that doesn’t excuse you from getting hit by sickness. I think the following article would also be helpful: and
Better be safe than sorry right? For me, going on to the healthier side would the first on my New Year’s resolution list.


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