Guide to Being a Good Single Parent

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Being a single parent can be one of the most rewarding jobs that you will ever take on in your life. It can also be one of the hardest. You want to be your child’s friend but you also have to be your child’s boundary maker. At times you may feel as though you can’t be both, but in reality, you can. These tips can guide you on how to be a good single parent.

Be a friend… a matter of speaking. This isn’t to say that you and your child will be friends like you and your close friends. This means that your child can trust you and feel comfortable in coming to you when they need to talk. Your child will need a friend from time to time and that friend will need to be you.

Being a friend to your child requires setting some boundaries. Just because you are a friend to your child, or children, does not mean that they don’t have to respect you. Respect is important in any relationship, especially in friendships and in parent to child relationships. You can foster respect by requiring it from the beginning. Your child should respect you as a parent and as a friend. By learning about respect and maintaining respect, children grow to develop healthy relationships with others in their lives. In addition to respecting you and their friends, they will learn to respect themselves.

Be a playmate. Spend time with your child, or children, doing things that they enjoy doing. Take an interest in their likes and dislikes. Encourage them to explore their likes safely. By showing an interest in what they are doing and getting to know more about the activities they enjoy, you are showing your child that you take an interest in them. This will not only foster a strong bond with your child, but will also assist you in detecting when your child may be participating in an activity that isn’t safe.

Make rules and build structure. Children need structure. In fact, they crave it. This is especially true of children of single parents. The parent has to be the mother and father which is definitely not easy, but with rules and structure it is possible. You don’t need to set a rule for every activity as many rules carry over from one thing to another. However, you can’t have rules without structure. You cannot tell your child what you expect of them if you aren’t going to follow through. By placing rules and structure in your child’s life, you make your job as a good single parent a little easier.

Being a single parent isn’t easy. However, with the right guidance, your children will respond to you. You can guide yourself into being a good single parent by providing the ground work for your child to develop into a strong person. You will teach your child how to be loyal and respectful through the positive relationship that you’ve developed with them by following the tips listed above. Be a friend, be a playmate, make rules and build structure.    

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