Get Creative Playing With Your Preschooler!

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by Denise on February 5, 2011 · 0 comments

in And They're Off (1-4 years)

Creative play is vital to the development of a preschooler. As a single mom, your time with your child is at a premium, so make the most of every moment by engaging them in creative activity whenever possible. Here are some affordable, fun ideas for you to consider.


Whether you buy them or make your own from old socks or paper bags, puppets bring out the creative side in your preschooler. You can move the couch to turn it into a puppet stage, and let the creative juices fly as they make up dramas and stories. Watch for things from your child’s real life to flow out during these play sessions. Therapists often use role-play, like puppet shows, to get inside children’s heads during therapy sessions. You can learn more about how our child perceives the world through her stories created with the puppets.

Creating With Boxes

The next time you have a large cardboard box, either at home or work, avoid the temptation to take it immediately to the recycling center. Instead, let your preschooler go to town with scissors, paint, markers, and other crafting supplies. Will your little boy make a rocket ship, or will your girl make a playhouse? What about a robot with eye slots she can see out of? Lend a hand after your child states the intended purpose of the box to make it look great, and you will have an excellent bonding opportunity with your child while fostering creative play.

Dress Up

Dressing up isn’t just for little girls, as your little guy will prove every year when Halloween comes around. Shop the day-after sales to stock up on dress up outfits of all shapes and sizes, and keep a trunk or tree in your home filled with dress up clothes. Your child will love experimenting with different careers, clothing choices, and accessories. You will love seeing his tastes and preferences develop. Once your child is all dolled up in his favorite cowboy or police officer outfit, spend some time playing pretend with him.


Dress up play and cardboard boxes are great, but they can be time consuming. When you want to spend some time with your child but don’t have much to spare, grab some blank paper and crayons. Let your child’s imagination soar as she colors, and sit down with her to color alongside her. You can discuss what you are drawing and model good posture and art skills while spending time with your precious little one watching her fine motor skills develop before your eyes.

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