Fun Things to Do in Idaho

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Idaho houses many interesting and fun things to do for your kids, from a bike ride along the river to a day spent inside at a children’s museum.

Free Fun

If you can spend some time in Boise, you will find many free and educational options. Grab your bikes and head to the Boise Green Belt. This bike path goes through the entire city, including a stretch long the Boise River. Along the way you can stop at city parks to stretch and play. You can also take a free self-guided tour of the state capitol building or visit the Historic Fort Boise Military Cemetery ( to see headstones dating back to the Civil War.

Educational Fun

For hands-on science fun, take the kids o the Discovery Center of Idaho ( Located in Boise, this museum is particularly famous for its air brake chair, where kids can lift themselves 6 feet into the air using pulleys, then gently float back down slowly because of air brakes. The Idaho Museum of Natural History (, located on the campus of Idaho State University, houses dinosaur fossils, geology exhibits, and exhibits highlighting the culture of the native people of the region. The Museum of Idaho ( in Idaho Falls houses traveling exhibits, making every visit a unique experience. It also has permanent displays highlighting the history of the state.

Environmental Fun

Zoo Boise ( is the state’s premier zoo. Here you can see mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians in natural-looking habitats. You can also get up close and personal with the park’s giraffes through the Giraffe Encounters program, available for the first 50 visitors each day. For more affordable, relaxed fun, visit one of the state’s many state parks. Hell’s Gate State Park (, the entrance to the largest river gorge ion the continent, is a popular option.

Seasonal Fun

When the holidays roll around, head to downtown Boise for the city’s annual tree-lighting ceremony and Christmas window displays. Crowell’s Land of Christmas ( is an excellent place to go to cut your own tree. In the fall, the U Pick Red Barn is a popular attraction. Here you can pick your own pumpkin, apples, and other fall produce. The U Pick Barn ( is open year-round, so schedule a stop in the summer to pick watermelons as well! It has a train, corn maze, and petting zoo area.

Just for Mom Fun

For a mom’s weekend away, head to the Coeur d’Alene Resort (, which has a relaxing spa where you can rejuvenate your mind and body before returning to the stresses of work and family. For discount shopping fun, visit the Boise Factory Outlets (

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