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by Patrice on May 2, 2011 · 0 comments

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When the kids are bored and want to play a game, visit The site offers online game ideas to occupy the active mind of the single player as well as an area for the single mom to look for inspiration to develop games to be played offline.

The games and activities on the site take different approaches that will help the child’s creative process. To help mom find the best game ideas or activities for her family, the site is interactive, allowing parents or kids to answer questions and matching the response to the game.

Each game and activity has information that explains the components of the game and how they will help the child hone skills in certain areas. Some of the games are targeted in math while others are geared toward other academic areas including literacy or science.

For each area an expanded list of resources is listed. Included are ideas that will spark your own creativity while searching for games as well as additional listings for online games and suggestions that will help the parent devise similar offline games to be played in the home.

The games on the website are grouped into three areas:

  • Sensory Stuff allows the child to play interactive games with items like potions, sand, silks and other items that can often spark questions and creativity in a child.
  • Ideas and Exploration is a section that promotes creative ideas. Children can express their own thoughts and feelings through activities like poetry, music, myths and art.
  • Creativity Challenges offers problems for the child to creatively work through. The puzzles offered for solving mimic real life problems with real world possibilities.

PBS is known as America’s largest classroom. They offer content that appeals to people of all ages with a variety of interests. Through television, radio and the internet, PBS is a private, nonprofit corporation that reaches people in every state, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Take advantage of the free resource when looking for games for your child.

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