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by Patrice on April 29, 2011 · 0 comments

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When the single mom takes the kids to the public library, the choices of books available to be check out often makes it difficult to limit the selection to the number of books that will reasonably be read before they are due to be returned.

Shopping for books to be given to kids also presents the challenge of not only finding a book appropriate to the reading level of the child, but to his maturity level. But matching these two requirements between the book and the child isn’t really a benefit unless the child will enjoy reading the book.

If only there was a way to find a book that is age appropriate, can be read and understood, and makes the child excited to read and enjoy the book.

One resource that the single mom can use is The Lexile measure is gear to match books and the child’s reading level. Many schools test students to determine the Lexile level and this information is shared with parents as a guide to help them match a book to the ability of the child.

You don’t have to know the Lexile score of your child to use the database. For instance, when you go to the site, you have the option of entering the grade level of the child. You will then be asked if the child finds the books that they read in school hard, easy or just right.

The next question is genre. If the child enjoys mysteries, the subcategory of the mystery books is brought up by clicking on the [+]. The subcategories include:

  • Detective Stories
  • Ghost Stories
  • Graphic Novels, Crime
  • Graphic Novels, Horror
  • Halloween
  • Horror & Suspense
  • Manga
  • Paranormal & Supernatural
  • Romantic Mysteries
  • Spies & Secret Agents

If the categories Detective Stories and Graphic Novels, Crime are chosen, hitting the search button will bring up over 1,000 titles that fit into the search

The result pages include more that a list of titles. The parent can get an overview on what the book is about and also read about the author. Included in the result page are links to online sources where the book can be purchases if the book will be a gift rather than a loan from the library.

Besides being a good resource for children and their parents to find suggestions for good reading material that will be of interest, the parent can find answers if they feel that the school suggested reading list is appropriate for their child’s reading and maturity level, which may not always match the average of the classroom.

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