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Spending time together as a family is very important. Being a single mom you are very busy a lot of the time. You have to be the man of the house and manage all the bills, and needs of your children. In the whole process of getting things done it is hard to make time for yourself and for your children as well. You never want to be too busy for your children, that does not send the most positive message to them; it makes that feel they can’t talk to you and that you aren’t there for them when you need them. It is agreed that it may be hard to find some time where you are all free, something your children have prior commitments while other time you do. But you do not have to have a grand old celebration of spending time together. Here are a few ideas, in which you get to spend time while your children without having to go out of your way,

Eat Together.

If and when you and your children are all home together for breakfast, lunch, dinner, don’t allow anyone to eat alone. That goes for the moms as well, don’t grab your food and go sit in your room to do more work, you are at home, which means family first. Call you children and sit together with them don’t let them eat in their room or on the couch. Though, if it is too awkward to eat together after days of eating alone, or you are simply not used to the situation and you are just looking for topics to make conversation on then consider you ALL sitting together to watch a movie. Pop in a funny family movie in which you can share a laugh together in.

Limit yourself Limit your kids.

One reason for lack of time spent together is everyone being so busy and consumed by everything except family time. Moms, you lead by example, so if you have appointments and work back to back and you are bring it home, you can not expect your children to give up there commitments because you have time. Don’t over schedule things, its okay to say no and cancel a few things here and there, you don’t necessarily need that appointment on that day, you can reschedule it. Being a parent that you teach your child you not over commit to where you are the point of not being focused on anything, in order to say that you also to improve on it yourself.

One day Fun day.

You need to come up with one day, preferably a weekend where you all will do something fun. Fun doesn’t mean going out and spending hundreds of dollars at amusement parks, Fun is where you are all together, laughing, smiling, and having a good time. You can have fun by just staying at home playing board games, go to the park, picnic on the beach, going out to lunch, simply something that keeps your together.

They say a happy family is one that sticks together, if everyone is out and about doing their own business you begin to loose connection amongst each other, you don’t to do that. So begin to change things around and spend some time with your family.

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