Craft Supply Checklist


Craft projects aren’t just for rainy days. Sometimes the artistic or creative inspiration just hits a child and they want to sit at the table and create. Be prepared for these times by having enough crafting materials available that will keep the child happy. The list is not meant to cover every item the child will dream up in their design, but it should make substitution options available for those spur of the moment works of art.

  • Paper is usually the first thing that the child reaches for when the activity is a craft. A well prepared mom will lay in a good supply of paper in different colors and weights. Use pastel colored copy paper or richly colored heavier construction paper. Don’t forget to have some tracing paper available for the child to use in case they want to use a favorite picture from a book.
  • Crayons, coloring pencils, soft pencils, and felt tip markers should all be in good supply. The felt tip markers are often left uncapped and will quickly dry out, so mom may want to keep an emergency replacement package of these out of the reach of the kids until they are needed.
  • A pencil sharpener and eraser is a must in all craft supply kits.
  • Paints, both water color and acrylic and a paint palette are often used. Don’t forget to keep a supply of brushes for the paint and a package of of cotton buds to correct the drips and dribbles. Specialty brushes, like stenciling brushes and even toothbrushes can be use for special paint effects and can also build up textures.
  • Many projects require that shapes be cut, so include scissors that are appropriate for the age and ability of each child.
  • Paste, glue sticks and tape will be required for the more elaborate craft. Choose the ones that clean up easily and make sure they are non toxic.
  • Paper punches can be used to quickly cut out tiny embellishments. They are available in a wide variety of shapes.
  • Cookie cutters will allow the younger child who doesn’t draw well to trace a simple shape. They also come in handy for cutting our shapes for stamps.
  • Kids and crafts make a mess. Add a roll of paper toweling to the kit.

With a craft supply kit the single mom can be ready to enjoy a relaxing crafting session. All she needs is a place to keep all of the materials together. Maybe that can be the next craft you and the kids make together. Be on the look out for an appropriately size box or container.

Author: Patrice

Patrice Campbell is a freelance writer working from the Denver area. Campbell started her writing career in the 1980’s, working for several Wisconsin local papers as a news, human interest and features writer, as well as a photographer.


  1. We may never know when a child wants to explore creativity or will want to decorate something. Also craft materials are better than giving our kids a lot of toys, art making is fun to do as well.

    • Creativity is so important! If you’re a mom who’s worried about “creativity” being put where it doesn’t belong, like your walls, look in to buying paint and markers that will only work on paper.

  2. Another thing that you could add to the list is decorative scissors. I have preschoolers that just love using them because they can make zigzags and wavy lines. Children think that they are so neat.

    • You can find kid versions of these too that are safety scissors, so that little hands don’t have to use real, big scissors.

  3. What I let them do is make a scrapbook of their pictures so that when they grow up, they can remember the memories they had. With this thing, they can also use and improve their artistic talents and skills. They really enjoy this kind of activities since I have lot of scrapbook materials at home because it’s my hobby, too!

    • My mom got me started on scrapbooking when I was little as well. Now its one of my favorite activities as an adult.

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