Card Games: Inexpensive, Educational, Fun and Portable

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by Patrice on February 4, 2011 · 0 comments

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Getting together to play cards is an activity many adults share among themselves as well as with their children. Adults consider it a pleasant pass time. Single moms see the cards as learning opportunities for their children.

Educational games for children don’t have to be expensive. Nor do they have to be marked as educational or designed for a specific age level.

The creative single mom can provide hours of learning opportunities into fun activities using an inexpensive deck of playing cards. The deck of cards can easily be tucked into a single mom’s purse or tote bag and be brought out to keep the kids occupied whenever or where ever the need arises.

While specific cards are available for almost every card game imaginable, most of the games can be easily played with a regular deck of playing cards.

Teach the child how to play cards by playing the game with them. Once the game is learned, they will often request the cards so that they can play with siblings or playmates.

Very young children can match colors, pictures and numbers by the use of two or more identical decks of cards. Although that adds up to a lot of cards, they all don’t have to be used in the game. Use of jokers, face cards and aces will be enough to keep a toddler engaged as they show you that they are able to match the two cards that are exactly the same.

As the child gets older, memory card games can help hone his skills. Simply place matching cards face down and challenge the child to find more matches than you are able to.

Counting skills and the recognition of numbers on individual cards can also be practiced with a deck of cards. Once the child knows that the number of ‘spots’ on the card matches the number that appears on the corner, he will soon learn to recognize the number when he sees it in other places.

As the child matures he will soon learn that good math skills are important for a good card player. Games like 21 or cribbage will not only give the child the opportunity to practice addition, but will teach strategic skills as well.

Don’t overlook the learning opportunity that can benefit the child simply by giving them the opportunity to be the score keeper. This important task will instill confidence in your child as he tallies up each hand or round of play.

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