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by Patrice on January 18, 2011 · 3 comments

in Decorating On A Budget

Decorating Tips

No matter how hectic a single moms life is or how tight the budget, she wants an attractive home that she can relax in to just enjoy her family. When it’s time for a change of décor, there is no reason to spend money that isn’t in the budget. Just a few simple and inexpensive decorating tips can change the ambiance of any room.

One of the cheapest ways to change the look of the room is by giving it a fresh coat of paint. If the whole room doesn’t need painting, don’t bother painting the whole room. The area can be refreshed just by painting one wall. Choose a color that corresponds well with the existing paint. The task is easier if the chosen wall is one without windows and doors, but it doesn’t really make any difference which wall you choose.

Replace the coverings on the electric wall sockets and light switches. Even designer type plates are inexpensive and go a long way in making the room look fresh and up to date.

Let the room be a reflection of the family. It’s not a showroom, after all, but your living space. Bring in baskets from other areas of the house as attractive receptacles for the toys. If you don’t have baskets, you can almost always find them at the thrift shop or a nearby garage sale. While you’re shopping for the baskets, keep you eyes open for other inexpensive items that you can re-purpose as a decorating item for your home.

If your home lacks art for the wall, use the next rainy day to let the kids create some. Single moms are always looking for rainy day activities to keep the kids busy. Pop the masterpieces into some frames and hang them on the wall. You’re now the proud owner of instant art that will not only make the room feel cozy but will surely be noticed by your guests. If the frames are in bad shape, let the kids decorate them with seashells, colored glass or even twigs. If the experiment doesn’t produce the result you were hoping for, they’ll be proud to display them in their own rooms.

Areas under the window are often wasted space. A narrow bookcase, laid on its side will make an attractive storage or display area. Give the bookcase a coat of paint and add wheels or casters to make it easy to move. Staple a piece of cloth to match your accessories to the back of the bookcase.

Drape a favorite old quilt or blanket over the chair or couch for a shabby chic look that will invite your family to relax with a good book. Add some throw pillows in matching colors to bring the whole room together.

A single mom doesn’t have to break the budget to decorate a room. She just has to break out in creativity.

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Patrice Campbell is a freelance writer working from the Denver area. Campbell started her writing career in the 1980’s, working for several Wisconsin local papers as a news, human interest and features writer, as well as a photographer.

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Angie Schilling January 18, 2011 at 4:54 pm

I like the idea of laying a book case on its side. What a great way for extra storage. Can anyone suggest though how you would be able to use the shelves then? Would you just use baskets and store items in there then?


Savannah February 17, 2011 at 10:31 am

The shelves serve as dividers. You can certainly remove some if you need to, to make them bigger or smaller for different baskets. You could also always use it as a shoe or toy bin too.


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