Backyard Easter Egg Hunt

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by Patrice on April 22, 2011 · 0 comments

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A lot of communities and local organizations hold public Easter Egg Hunts that kids look forward to attending while parents search for appealing alternatives. Most single moms know that not all kids are as mannerly as yours and mine are. A free for all as the hoard of overly excited children race around the area in search for as many treats as they can possibly gather up causes hurt feelings as well as possible bumps and scratches as little ones are pushed out of the way by other searchers. When the organizers of the event announce a prize for the child who collects the most eggs, the havoc that ensues is even worse.

This year, distract them from wanting to attend a public event by planning a private Easter Egg Hunt in your own back yard. If the weather permits, they can even go out and search for the treasures in their pajamas.

A few simple tricks will make the hunt relaxing and enjoyable for the whole family. The hunt can be tweaked toward the area and lifestyle of your family.

Use plastic egg shaped containers to hide the treats. They can be filled with candy, coins or trinkets. They can even hold written clues on where to find bigger treats, like the Easter basket if it has been cleverly hidden away.

Count the number of eggs as you hide them. You don’t want to find them after the lawn mower has run them over, and you don’t want the kids to find a melted chocolaty mess that has been laying in the corner of the yard for a week or more.

If a family pet likes to chew on plastic items found in the yard, don’t allow him to participate.

Use common sense when hiding the Easter eggs. If you have flower gardens and don’t want the kids in them, don’t hide anything there. One Easter egg on the border of the garden may imply that other eggs are hidden in other garden areas or flower pots. The kids won’t be satisfied until all of these areas are thoroughly searched.

Use a marker to initial eggs that hold a special trinket for a certain child and limit the number of eggs each child can scoop up to keep as their own. This will keep disagreements to a minimum.

These are memory making moments, mom. Be sure to have your camera ready. Holding the Easter egg hunt in the safety of your own back yard will also reward you with an opportunity to sit outside with your morning coffee and enjoy your children. Happy Easter!

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