A Fresh Bathroom Takes only a Few Minutes a Day

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Kids are not the tidiest of people and the single mom knows that they are not always that they are not always dependable in cleaning up the messes that they make. This is most apparent in the bathroom. The tiny room can be left is disarray after every visit. You can keep your bathroom looking tidy and ready to be used by the unexpected guest with a few tips.

Mornings are especially hectic in the home of the single mom as she tries to get herself and the kids ready for the day. Soap residue and toothpaste gets spattered all over the sink area and the counter space becomes cluttered as combs and brushes are left where they are dropped. Personal hygiene products never seem to be put back into the places they were hurriedly grabbed from and the bathroom can quickly look like it was vandalized.

Take advantage of the disposable wipes than can be purchased in the department store. The generic or store brands will do a quick cleanup as well as the more expensive brand names. A glass cleaning wipe is all that is needed to free the mirror of the splash marks and make it gleam again. Use the same wipe to freshen up the countertops once the bottles, tubes and hair brushes have been put away. A quick rinse under the faucet and the wipe is ready to give a quick cleanup of the wash basin.

Hang the damp towels and washcloths to dry so they stay fresh and ready for another use.

The toilet doesn’t have to be cleaned as often if you give the bowl a quick swish with the brush once a day. It will stay fresh until your regular deep cleaning day.

If the bathroom is big enough to hold a clothes hamper, encourage you children to place the clothes that they’ve worn during the day into it as they take them off before stepping into the shower or the tub. Make sure you specify that it is for dry clothes only, and damp towels and washcloths should be hung up to dry or the mustiness will defeat the purpose of streamlining your housekeeping duties.

Once the baths are done and the kids are safely tucked in for the night, give tub a quick rinse and wipe down. If some of the youngsters take a favorite bath toy into the tub, rinse that off, too. There are net bags on the market that can be hung in the bathroom area that offer a good storage place for the toys and they can drip right into the tub as they dry.

Lint from bathroom linens and toilet tissue quickly accumulate in a bathroom along with the hair that is lost with every brushing. After wiping down the tub, give the top of the toilet tank, the radiator and other surfaces in the bathroom a quick wipe and the bathroom will maintain that just cleaned look.

It’s never a good idea to save on electricity costs by not using the bathroom vent fan. Keep the bathroom fresh and free of mustiness and mold by teaching the kids that the fan should be used each time they bathe.

A quick tidy up in the morning and evening will keep your bathroom from turning into the hardest room to clean in the home.


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