3 Fun and Festive Craft Ideas for Independence Day

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Independence Day Crafts

There is no such thing as too much red, white and blue for an Independence Day celebration. Decorations for the home, both inside and out, table decorations and clothing can all be embellished by the kids in anticipation of the holiday and keep them occupied for days when they are given craft materials and freedom of creativity.

The art doesn’t have to depict the U.S. Flag, Uncle Sam or even have a hint of a star or a stripe. The color alone will give the illusion of being made just in celebration of the Fourth of July.

Holiday Picnics

When kids are having fun at the Independence Day picnic, they are far too busy to keep track of their drink. This means the single mom may run out of the refreshments she packed all too soon, only to finds half full glasses and containers as she goes about tidying up the area.

Purchase sheets of sticker material and let the kids cut out shapes large enough to write their name on. After they’ve decorated the stickers in the holiday colors, have them available to stick on the glasses, bottles or cans at the picnic. They can easily identify which drink is theirs and not be constantly reaching for a fresh drink.

Plain tablecloths from the dollar store can also be embellished with red, white and blue to add to the celebration. Paint, markers and stickers can all be used by kids of all ages to decorate the cloth, making the family picnic table stand out from the rest at any community event.

Hats and Clothing

Let the kids decorate hats and tee shirts with patriotic colors to wear on the big day. Little red, white and blue handprints using acrylic or fabric paints will show American pride as well as a detailed picture of the flag. Older kids can try their hand with a paintbrush. It’s the color that will make the hat or shirt special, not the artistic talent of the creator.

Independence Day Decorations

If it can be made out of a red, white or blue material, it can be used to serve as an Independence Day celebration. Paper chains made out of construction paper are a favorite craft for kids during the winter holidays. Instead of red and green, use red, white and blue paper and hang the paper chains along the porch railing or in the window.

Make patriotic napkin rings out of peppermint candies and heavy paper or poster board. Cut strips from the board about an inch thick and 7 inches long. Use double sided tape to fasten the hard candies and form a ring by taping the ends of the strip together.

End the night by lighting luminaries that the children have made. Decorate white or brown paper lunch bags with red, white or blue shapes. Fill each bag with 2 to three inches of sand. Place tea lights in the sand.

Line the luminaries up where they won’t be knocked over but can be easily seen. When dusk falls at the end of your Independence Day celebration, have an adult light the candles. The shapes will show up in the bag from the glow of the light. If you feel that lit candles are too dangerous around the younger kids, use battery operated tea lights instead. These Independence Day decorations are very easy and add some extra fun for the holidays.

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